Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie Review

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Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie
Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie
Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie
Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie
Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie
Krishnarjuna Telugu Movie

Krishnarjuna was rumored to have been inspired from Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey. But the movie contains just one idea, if that, from the Hollywood production including the styling of God played by Morgan Freeman (and Nagarjuna in this). For those who watched the original and expected humor, entertainment and a subtle message in it will be disappointed. For those who saw the posters and expected humor, entertainment and Nag-Vishnu combo to rock will be totally disappointed.


Arjuna is born in a temple with his mother succumbing in labor. The villagers believe that to be impure so they close the temple. He and his grandmother serve a family and make a living. His job is to look after Satya, the college-going arrogant sister of his employer. She gets a suitor, Prem, but an astrologer reads her birth-charts and predicts doom for her husband. So Arjun is made the scapegoat and is wedded to Satya. There is no bliss, in contrast, the family harasses him so that he dies and Satya can marry Prem without a glitch. When his grandmother dies unable to tolerate the situation, he tries to follow her. But God intervenes.

Story Screenplay and Direction

The cool quotient generated by God in a dashing white suit is all lost because of the predominance of superstition in the movie. The slow first half is justified if the second half, after Nagarjuna's entry, had been any better. Unfortunately it's not. The introduction scene of Nagarjuna is the similar to Morgan Freeman in the original, but that's where the similarity ends. But instead of going uphill from there, the narration falls flat.

Most of the first half is spent in showing the harassment that Arjun and his grandmother tolerate from Satya's family. A little vulgar 'humor' comes in the form of Brahmanandam, who plays an astrologer and his voluptuous wife. Go figure. Then we have Mamta Mohandas with a haughty expression wearing corsets and mini-skirts in some town/village (why???). Her teeth-gritting suitor and that whole track trying to open the temple door just drags.

The scenes showing Arjun's unwavering dedication to Satya's family and the sentiment in scenes featuring Manorama works. Nagarjuna's appearance and Mohanbabu as a Fakir are impressive. Other than that, the direction and script are weak, and so are the performances as a consequence.


Vishnu looks the part, but the emotional scenes lack conviction. He could do with a NTR-worthy makeover. The charm that one saw in Dhee is totally missing, and so is the energy level. Nagarjuna perks up the movie a little bit, stopping it from going completely downhill. But his scenes could have been executed so much better. Still, he makes a good God. Mamta Mohandas sings well and has a good figure. Acting skills are so-so. Manorama is convincing, as is Mohan Babu's cameo.

Song and Dance 'Buggalerrabadda' and 'Yamaranju Meeda' stand out in an otherwise disappointing compilation by Keeravani. Ditto with the picturization.

Last Word Disappointing direction from P. Vasu. All major aesthetic and commercial elements, from narration, performances, music, romance and humor suffer as a result. The saving grace if any is Nagarjuna's role, two tracks and a little of the sentiment and faith in the other protagonist's character which works to an extent.

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