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Kurnool District is a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, located in the west-central part of the state on the southern banks of the Tungabhadra and Handri rivers. The town of Kurnool is currently the headquarters of the district. It had a population of 3,529,494 of which 23.16% were urban as of 2001


[edit] Historical significance of Kurnool

In 12th century AD, the Odders, who carted stones for the construction of the temple Alampur, used the site on which the town now stands as a halting place before crossing the Tungabhadra, and greased their cart wheels with oil locally supplied by some of the oil merchants, and called the place 'Kandanavolu' which in course of time came to be known as Kurnool.

Of historical interest are the ruins of a royal fort dating back to the medieval kingdom of Vijayanagar, which flourished from the 14th to the 16th century. Several Persian and Arabic inscriptions which throw light on various aspects of historical interests are found here.

In Kurnool there are 52 Dargahs (Shrines) located around the Thungabhadra and Hundari rivers. A very famous and lengthy K.C. Canal starts from Kurnool and end in Cuddapah and is around 300 kilometers long. In Kurnool city there are a number of mosques.

[edit] Physiography

The Nallamalas and Erramalas are important mountain ranges in the district running in parallel from the North to South. The Erramalas divide the district into two well defined tracts from East to West. Between the Erramalas and Nallamalas lies the Eastern part of the district comprises Nandikotkur, Pagidyala, Kothapalli, Amulapadu, Atmakur, Velgodu, Jupadu Bunglow, Miduthur, BandiAtmakur, Gadivemula, Nandyal, Mahanandi, Panyam, Banaganapalle, Owk, Koilkuntla, Rudravaram and Chagalamarri Mandals. This tract is crossed by the crest of Krishna and Pennar, watershed at the North part of the Pagidyala mandal at about 1000 above the sea level. From this height the ground slopes to the South along the river Kundu until it traverses into Pennar valley. Major part of its tract is predominantly black cotton soils.

[edit] Transportation

The district is connected by highways and railways.

[edit] Prime attractions of Kurnool

Kurnool does not have much to offer to the tourists there are only few places, which are worth watching. The Kondareddy Buruz protected under the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act. The Tomb of Abdul Wahab on the bank of Hindri, Built in AD 1618. The remains of the palace of Gopal Raju, the last Hindu rulers of Kurnool. Few important temples are of 'Nagareswarasawami', 'Peta Anjaneyaswami', 'Venugoplaswami', 'Iswaraswami', 'Saibaba', and 'Birla Mandir' or 'Satyanarayaswami'.

[edit] Famous Temples in Kurnool district

[edit] Composition

Kurnool District comprises 3 Revenue Divisions, 54 Revenue Mandals, 53 Mandal Parishads, One Municipal Corporation, 3 Municipalities, 899 Gram Panchayats (Notified – 7, Non notified – 862 ), 920 Revenue Villages and 615 Hamlet Villages.

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