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Margashīrsha/Mrigashira (Devanagari: मृगशिरा) the 5th nakshatra or lunar mansion as used in Hindu astronomy and astrology is the constellation Orion. Its position is described in the Surya Siddhanta.

The first two charana/pada (quarters) of this nakshatra are part of Vrushabha rashi (Devanagari: वृषभ) or Taurus. The latter half of this star belong to Mithuna rashi (Devanagari: मिथुन) or Gemini.

Under the traditional Hindu principle of naming individuals according to their birthstar, the following Sanskrit syllables correspond with this Nakshatra, and would belong at the beginning of a first name:

Ve (Devanagari: वे)

Vo (Devanagari: वो)

Ka (Devanagari: क)

Ki (Devanagari: कि)

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