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Navadurga (Devanagari: नवदुर्गा), which literally means nine Durgas, constitute, according to Hindu mythology, the manifestation of Durga in nine different forms. Forms of manifestation

Durga, the mother goddess of the Hindus and a form of Devi and Shakti, is believed to have manifested in various forms, and Navadurga are believed to be the most sacred aspects of Durga. According to a Hindu tradition, it is believed that there are three major forms in which Durga manifested herself, namely, Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali, and they all owe their origin to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively. These three forms of Durga further manifested in two more forms each, and thus emerged the nine forms of Durga, which are collectively called Navadurga or Nine Durgas. Navadurga is the Kuldevata (family deity) of many Gaud Saraswat Brahmins(GSB's) in India.

Navadurga are famously worshipped during the Autumn Navaratri or the Nine days, initiating the devotees into a period of festivities according to Hindu calendar.

  • Meditative mantra

Each one of the Navadurga is known by a particular name and the deity has a particular dhyana-mantra, a mantra for meditation, a free English version of which is mentioned below:

  • Shailputri

May the illustrious Shailaputri Durga whom I salute and whose head is adorned by a halfmoon, who rides nandi a bull and carries a spear fulfill the desires of my heart,.

  • Brahmaputri

May the supreme Brahmachari Durga, who holds rosary and kamandalu in her lotus hands and whose nature is to attain Sachchidanandamaya Brahmaswarupa the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss absolute, be propitious on me.

  • Chandraghanta

May that Durga Devi, who rides on Garuda, the king of the birds, is endowed with intense anger and violence and is renowned by the name of Chandaghanta, bestow her grace on me.

  • Kushmanda

May Kushmanda Durga who holds two pitchers full of blood in her lotus hands and the universe is created, sustained and drawn within herself in a wink be propitious for me.

  • Skandamaata

May the renowned Durga Devi Skandamata who is eternally seated on a throne and whose hands are adorned with lotuses, be ever propitious to me.

  • Kaatyayani

May the ever watchful Durga Devi Katyayani, who holds shining Chandrahasa (Sword) in her hand and rides a magnificent lion and destroys the demons, bestow welfare on me.

  • Kaalratri

May she Bhayankari Durga who is naked with long lips, riding an ass, shining in various hues looks formidable because of the halo of her lustre and is adorned with multi coloured ornaments remove my darkness of ignorance.

  • Mahagauri

May the Mahagauri Durga who rides a white rishabha bull and who wears spotless white clothes and remains ever pure and also provides ever lasting bliss to Mahadeva Shiva bestow all auspiciousness.

  • Siddhidaatri

May the ever victorious Siddhidayini Durga, who is always worshipped by the hordes of siddha, gandharva, yaksha, asura, and deva, bestow success at my every venture.

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