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Looks like the Telugu film industry is in acute dearth of stories. Sad that they had to pick a subject like this for a child artiste who is making her debut as a heroine. She is Siddharth's first love and she calls him Oy!. That is the only novel point in the film. If you don't get tickets for this film, don't feel disappointed, you could just pick up a DVD and watch Geetanjali. You'd be far happier for not wasting time, money but also would glad for making a serendipitous choice. You'd recollect Mani Ratnam's rainfall, and the heroine getting drenched in those mirrored skirts and maybe even enjoy the gyan given by Nag to her, "Cheppadaniki emi undhi, andharu chacchipoye vaallame. Ee station master chacchi pothadu, ee pilla vadu chacchi pothadu, nenu chacchi pothanu anthe." The heroine almost does a ditto here.

Here in Oy! the director creates a downpour just on New Year's eve and the heroine likes to get drenched. Yes, she suffers from a terminal disease, and the hero doesn't. He plays Santa Claus and fulfills all her wishes and finally says I love you, gives him a diary and tells him to read when she is no longer there. That is the synopsis of the story, short and not so sweet.

Shamili is refreshing, she plays a deglamourised role, bespectacled but doesn't give an impression that she is the regular commercial heroine material. Unless she gets a really good subject that suits her, it will be difficult for her to mould herself according the needs of the Telugu moviegoers. She could have done well by losing some more weight, acting-wise she looks comfortable and does her part well.

Though the movie is supposed to launch Shamili as the heroine, it's Siddharth who gets a meaty role to play. He's by now after his clich├ęd roles in the climax of every film has become an expert in melodramatic scenes. About the script, the dialogue, the less said the better. It all sounds bland and hardly touches the heart. After the first half of the film there is hardly anything that one should wait and watch. The ridiculous part of the film is the flight of fancy, the journey that the couple undertake for ten days. It takes a terrible turn with the entry of Pradeep Rawat.

Siddharth The gifts that the hero gives the heroine or the heroine gives the hero is accompanied by an explanation if you are wondering why they had gifted it to each other in the first place, the cufflinks, the plant, birthday greetings engraved on an ice, a conch, swiss chocolates..yawn!

The heroine is tired by the time she hands over the eleventh gift, a tea set. The dialogue that comes in the end is moving, that she is his 12th gift..short and sweet..we mean her life span but by then one is exasperated and is no position to savour it.

Three songs are good, the Seheri number, Oy! Oy! and Povodhe Prema..nicely shot. Technically appealing but that's about it.

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  • Review Source: Cinegoer.com. Used with permission.
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