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Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman
Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman

Ram Navami is a Hindu holiday. It falls on the ninth day of the Hindu lunar year (or Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami), and is a celebration of the birthday of the Hindu god Rama.

The story behind Ram's birth goes as below: Dasarath, The King of Avadha Kingom had three wives, Kaushalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi. Their greatest worry was that they had no children. At that time Maharshi Vasist suggests him to perform PuthraKamesti Yagna, through which he can have children. He also tells him to bring Maharshi RushyaShrunga to perform this Yagna for him. Immmediately King Dasharath gives his concent, and heads to Maharshi RushyaShrunga's ashram, to get him. Maharshi agrees and will accompany Dasharath to Ayodhya(Capital of Avadha) and performs the yagna. As the result of yagna, Yagneshwar appears and hands Dasarath a bowl of Payasam and asks him to give it to his wives. Dasharath gives one half of the payasam to his elder wife Kausalya, and another half to his younger wife Kaikeyi. They both give half of their portions to Sumithra. After few days all three Queens concives. On the nineth day(Navami) of Chaithra Masa(First month in hindhu calender),at noon Kaushlya gives birth to Lord Sri Ram, Kaikeyi gives birth to Bharath, and Sumithra to twin boys, Lakshman and Shatrughan.

Lord Ram is seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who takes birth on earth when Adharma over rules Dharma. He protects all his devoties by vanishing the roots of Adharma. Lord Ram was born on earth to destroy the demon named Ravan.

Hindus normally perform Kalyanotsavam (marriage celebration) with small murtis of Rama and Sita in their houses, and at the end of the day the deity is taken to a procession on the streets. This day also marks the end of the nine-day utsavam called Chaitra Navaratri (Maharashtra) or Vasanthothsavam (Andhra Pradesh) (festival of Spring), which starts with Gudi Padwa (Maharashtra) or Ugadi (South India). According to recent astrological studies, his year of birth is consider to be January 10, 5114 B.C


[edit] Some highlights of this day are

  • Kalyanam (Ceremonial wedding performed by temple priests) at Bhadrachalam on the banks of the river Godavari in Khammam district.
  • Panakam, a sweet drink prepared on this day with jaggery and pepper.
  • Procession of idols in the evening that is accompanied with play of water and colours.

For the occasion, Hindus are supposed to fast (or restrict themselves to a specific diet). Temples are decorated and readings of the Ramayana take place. Along with Shri Ram, people also pray Sita (Ram's wife), Lakshman (his brother who went on exile with him) and Hanuman (monkey god, ardent devotee of Ram and Ram's chief of army).

Sri-Ramnavami is dedicated to the memory of Lord Rama. It occurs on the ninth day (navami). The festival commemorates the birth of Rama who is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign.

[edit] Quiz

  1. She, Ravana s sister lived in the forests of panchavati, wanted to marry Sri Ram
    a)Sumitra b)Mandodari c)Shrupanakha d)Sita
  2. Sita's father lived here, his capital city
    a)Mithila b)Kishkindha c)Ayodhya d)Ayodhya
  3. This sage was the chief sage (advisor) to king Dasharatha
    a)Vishwamitra b)Agasthya c)Vashishta d)Ravana
  4. This rakshasa lures Rama away from the ashrama by becoming the magical golden deer
    a)Maricha b)Kabandha c)Taraka d)Sampatil
  5. This bird fights with Ravana and gets killed by him when ravana was taking Sita to Lanka
    a)Hanuman b)Jatayu c)Garuda d)Sampati
  6. This rakshasa (he has no head or legs but only two arms) gets released by the curse when Ram kills him in the forests
    a)Atisura b)Kabandha c)KumbhaKarna d)Bakasura
  7. Rama belongs to this race or dynasty
    a)Chandra b)Huna c)Chola d)Ikshvaku
  8. Dasharatha does this yagna to pray to the gods and gets four sons
    a)Ashwamedha b)RajaSuya c)Putrakameshti d)Whatever
  9. Dasharatha was the king of this kingdom
    a)Vijayanagar b)Koshala c)Mithila d)Indrasprastha
  10. Ayodhya is on the banks of this river
    a)Ganga b)Kaveri c)Saraswati d)Sarayu

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[edit] Answers

  1. Shurpanakha
  2. Mithila
  3. Vashishta
  4. Maricha
  5. Jatayu
  6. Kabandha
  7. Ikshvaku
  8. Putrakameshti
  9. Koshala
  10. Sarayu

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