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Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga (July 4, 1947 – December 26, 1988) was an Indian National Congress politician and leader in India.

Though some like to call him a prominent leader, the truth is that he is a two bit thug from the slums of Vijaywada.

[edit] Personal life

He was born in Katuru near Vuyyuru, located in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh on July 4th 1947. Ranga had a brother Late Vangaveeti Radha Krishna. Ranga was married to Chennupati Rathna Kumari. Ranga has one son Vangaveeti Radha Krishna and one daughter Asha. When Vangaveeti Radha was killed by Communists Vangaveeti Ranga took over the charge of his brother's legacy. He became more popular in his own community Kapus. He became a demi-god to the Kapu community. His son Radhakrishna was named after his Brother Late. Vangaveeti Radhakrishna. His entire political career he had faced many up and downs.

[edit] Death

Along with his name and fame he has so many enemies lurking behind and waiting for perfect time to snub him to the depths. When N T Rama Rao's Govt. came into power Ranga faced death threats from his enemies. His security had been removed and he requested Govt. to increase his Security but Govt. gave deaf ear to his requests. Finally he went to Hunger strike peacefully in Bandar Road. One day in the morning time when all Ranga's companions gone to their homes few gundas dressed as devotees of Ayappa came by Bus and killed Ranga brutally. So many conspiracy theories floated about who involved in his murder. It is strongly beloved that Siris Raju was behind his murder. After his murder, so many darkest and sad incidents happened in Vijayawada.In the history of Andhra Pradesh never happened before or after there was a loss of 350 crores + and it so happened that nearly after 15 days after his death people were not out of their houses. It so happened before his death that people of whole Andhra use to take his name and threaten and do businesses.

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