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After making comedy as a base in his past few films, Ravi Teja returns this time with a total formula film. Director Ramesh Varma doesn't stretch his creativity even an inch further but embellishes his script with romance, sentiment, thrill, comedy everything in measured dose to dish out a 2 hour 35 minute film meant only for the B and C audiences. If he has made the movie with an agenda of appealing to the mass sentiments then his product could be commercially successful but if he thinks this film caters to people of all sensibilities and tastes then he is wrong.

Veera is an extremely ordinary or routine subject with the regular thrills, frills, love and romance bereft of reality, logic, nevertheless it has it's share of twists here and there that could take you by surprise. Also the producer has ensured the film doesn't fall below standard and has multiple stars to keep the front benchers engaged.

Let us see how a half minute or five minute presence of an actor makes a difference to a movie and how despite having a prominent star, the film could suffer. In a blink and a miss appearance, Ajay moves the story ahead. Roja as the hero's step mother puts up a spirited show when it is required and mellows down when she is not required and doesn't wean away the focus from the situation.

On the other hand Kajal who looked stunning in Brindaavanam is a major disappointment, the lean look has no complaints but the spark in her eyes goes completely missing. She looks as if she has just finished weeping buckets, looks forlorn and lost and despite being defiant in her role in the last part of the film, one could sense she was playing to the galleries. Taapsee on the other hand had a frivolous role, in fact she was not needed at all, is improving with every film. Only wish when she shows of her figure in different costumes, she is careful enough with the arm pits, the camera catches anything from a distance.

The comedy between Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam isn't spectacular but it does bring a smile on your face. The duo have enough scenes to keep people happy. Brahmanandam dances with gay abandon and your reaction to his multi-talented work is conveyed by Ravi Teja, however the scenes between Ali and Ravi Teja fall flat. Even the romance between Kajal and Ravi Teja is far from complete, when one shows passion and the other is wooden, don't expect the audiences to feel their love.

All in all Ramesh Varma put the pieces back in the puzzle in the right places but the slight gap in the boundaries that bind them is very clearly evident, with most scenes falling short of that certain something. The scenes involving Ravi Teja and Sridevi and twist before the interval raises the curiosity levels, Sridevi looks fresh and Shaam's presence is advantage point, how ever his role that begins with a bang and a build-up ends faintly. Divya Vani's role is clich├ęd, she is just in the place of some other woman we have scene before and so is a pregnant Kajal being chased by goons.

The dialogue on rape by Ali is also not novel and draws disgust, all songs look one and the same. The first number showing Ravi Teja in various shots is amateurish and a total put off. Atulit's face slapping against a wall is numbing.

Veera has two plots and is sufficiently spaced and paced. With more effort from the dialogue writers and some crispy editing, the film could have kept the audiences who see film for time pass as well happy but for now this seems to bring joy only for Ravi Teja fans and the target audience alone.

  • Review Source: Used with permission.

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