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Vemulawada Bheemakavi is a famous telugu poet who lived in 11th century in Vemulawada. He composed many poetic works in Chaatuvu style.

Once upon a time in Vemulawada Bheemaeshwara Temple, one widow prayed for children for long years. One day Bheemeshwara swamy went in her dream and said “One of my power comes into you as a child”. Then she conceived pregnancy and one fine day the legend Bheemanna was born.

Kids in school constantly made fun of him because he did not have a 'real father'. One day, he got mad and insisted to learn from his mother who his father was and she told him that it was none other than the Bheemeshwara Swaamy. Our Bheemakavi angrily went to Bheemeshwara Swaamy to confirm his mother's story and obtained some miraculous powers from the Lord. It appears, that the Lord granted him the boon that 'whatever Bheemakavi wishes happens; whatever he says will become a poem.'

[edit] Legends/Myths associated with Vemulawada Bheemakavi

One day there was a traditional feast in a brahmin home. All the town brahmins were invited, and the young Bheemakavi was not let in because he was born to a widow. Bheemakavi felt insulted and uttered these 'words' instantly:

That's it. Annam (Rice) turned into sunnam (White wash), appalu (paapad) turned into kappalu (frogs) and the rest of items into pebbles! The brahmin fell on Bheemana's feet and begged for his forgiveness, and he got it. Bheemanakavi retrieved all the food stuffs to their previous edible state by saying these 'words':

These type of poems are known as Kavi Raakshaseeyam. After that day his name has been turned as == Appala Bheemakavi ==. but actually his Surname is Mailama Bheemanna.

Most number of times while he himself introduced with below poem:

Bheemana, when he first visited Cokka Bhoopaala, sort of a king, he told him that he could make a barren wooden pole into a tree with flowers and fruits! Cokkana did not believe and challenged in just to demonstrate these so-called powers on the pole he was leaning on! Bheemana sang this beautiful poem:

Then the pole instantly turned into a huge tree with all sorts of flowers and ripe fruits, and cokkana's hand got tangled up! Of course, cokkana begged the poet to revert to status and the poet obliged, again by reciting the following poem:

While he is traveling once he visited Mantralayam located in Karnool he wrote a suprabhaatam. There he written Raaghavendra suprabhaatam in Kannada language.

Like above poems he has written many and he has produced a translation of Palkurike Somanatha’s Telugu classic Basavapurana. In case of Bheemakavi, you could find the ease of flow and some extremely charming versification skills! Bheemakavi was written Raghavapandaveeyam which is in dwaarthikaavya (a word with a double meaning) style.

-- Appala Bhargava Sharma

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